Escorts World School is one of the best in CBSE Schools in Kanpur. It is considered in top 10 CBSE schools in Kanpur. The school has been affiliated to CBSE from earlier days. As CBSE is one of the most favored boards in India & follows the national core curriculum alongside added subject material.

Every parent dream of best quality education for their child and wish to get their child admitted to best school in Kanpur affiliated to CBSE. At Escorts World School we help parents to achieve their dreams. Apart from education we at Escorts World School also keep tracking CBSE Inter School Sports & Games Competitions Sports Calendar to help in participating in Sports also.

The fundamental foundations of Escorts World School can be found in the Gita which is widely accepted by many great thinkers for its philosophical and moral relevance.

The choice of Top CBSE School in Kanpur is often the first big decision parents have to make. Responsible parenting and a Best CBSE School can make all the difference. At Escorts world school, we believe that CBSE School must be accessible and affordable to all areas of the society.

Also we strongly believe good education is not only imparting bookish knowledge to the children it is inculcating values, love for country and culture.

It is not possible without the support of the parent. Imparting education can be best explained by a pyramid on the top of which is the child and at the two ends are the parents and teachers.

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